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At St. Gabriel, our lunch schedule is staggered to accommodate all children within a reasonable lunch hour, while avoiding overcrowding.The cafeteria is supervised by both teachers and parent volunteers. Students are offered a weekly menu of hot lunch items which may bordered in advance, or students may pack a lunch to bring from home.

Lunchroom Schedule

Kindergarten starts at 10:40 am in 5 minute intervals for each class

First Grade starts at 11:00 am in 5 minute intervals for each class

Second Grade starts at 11:30 am in 5 minute intervals for each class

Third Grade starts at 11:55 am in 2 groups 5 minutes apart

Fourth Grade starts at 12:15 pm in 2 groups 5 minutes apart

Fifth Grade starts at 12:30 pm in 2 groups 5 minutes apart

Recess follows 20 minutes after lunch starts for all students and lasts for 25 minutes.

Forgotten Lunches 

If your child forgets their lunch, you may bring the lunch to school and place it on the designated table outside the cafeteria.  Your child may pick up their lunch from the table. Please do not bring forgotten lunches to the office.

School Lunch FAQ

  • If my child brings a bagged lunch, what other items can be purchased?

    Students may purchase milk (plain or chocolate), juice, bottled water,fruit cups, chips, popcorn, and ice cream. These items may be paid for in cash – they do not need to be ordered in advance. They can also be included and paid for through the school lunch order form. Costs range from $.15 for milk to $1.40 for bottled juice and water. Please check the school lunch order form for prices.

    • What if I forget to send a lunch for my child?
      If you forget to send or order lunch, your child will be offered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or jelly only), with milk. A note will be sent home to inform you, in case you inadvertently thought you had ordered lunch for the week.

    If you realize the forgotten lunch prior to your child's lunch time, you may bring it to the school and leave it on the "forgotten lunch" table to the right of the entrance to the cafeteria. Your child can pick it up as he/she goes into the cafeteria.

    • What if my child has a peanut or other food allergy?
      The cafeteria provides a “peanut-free” table for students who have a nut or other food allergy. Teachers take precautions to assist these students in protecting themselves from contact with food allergens. If your child has a food-related allergy, please discuss it with his/her teacher and the school nurse.

    • Should I provide a snack for my child?
      Students are allowed to bring a “healthy” snack each day in the classroom. Kindergartners eat lunch early (10:45 – 11:30), so they usually have their snack later in the day. Upperclassmen often have their snack in the morning. No refrigeration is available. Candy and sodas are not allowed.

    • How can I volunteer to assist in the cafeteria?
      Parents are encouraged to join their children for lunch for special occasions and as schedules allow. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with supervision, clean-up, ice-cream and snack distribution and other tasks. Learn more about becoming a cafeteria volunteer.  See the volunteer sign-up link at the top of this webpage.